Choosing a Cheap and Good Laptop PC  

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Here are some laptop buying tips you can use to choose the best but good laptop computers

1. The storage : HDD / SSD
SSDs use the same flash technology as thumbdrives and memory cards. SSDs are more resistant to physical shock, use less electrical power and no need to be defragmented, but it is cost more than HDD.

2. Dead and Stuck Pixels
The notebook display should be checked before purchase. It is common for manufacturers to consider a few damaged pixels as "normal" and "acceptable" and refuse to replace such displays after purchase.

3. RAM
Some Windows Vista notebooks are sold with 1 gigabyte of RAM. As RAM is cheap, it is safer to get at least 2 gigabytes of RAM for Vista.

4. Weight
Notebook weights should be checked to see if it includes the weight of the battery.

5. Battery Life
Battery life figures from the manufacturer can be optimistic. Two hours is the bare minimum useful battery life. Four or more hours is much more useful.

6. Wi-Fi wireless should be standard.

7. Screen Size
12 to 15 inch screens are the most popular size.

8. Graphics card performance is critical only for video games. It is not an issue for other use.

9. Ports
The hardware ports required will depend on the individual. Common ports are:
RJ45,VGA,PS2,SD Card, Serial, USb

Hope you can get the best laptop computers :)

DirectTV Best Offer from Directsattv  

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Merry Christmas 2009  

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MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone ! May the Joy of Christmas brings you happiness forever :)


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The replica Hamilton watch is a clone of the original masterpiece invented by the watch maker James Hamilton in the city of Illinois America. He erected his watch company in this great city and recorded a huge success. The company continued in their production, bringing out good qualities watches. Due to their high quality, the watches were known to be very expensive. This led to the emergence of the replica model which is subsidized to be very cheap.
Like their original model, the replica model is made with a high quality technology which can be seen in its component features. The near originality it shares with the masterpiece makes it quite impossible to differentiate it from the original counterpart. It will need the eye and the discerning ability of a watch specialist to dictate the difference. Thus, like their original, it possesses such qualities found in their original; like the following:
The inside of it has the sound quality of a Japanese movement; a special material that empowers the watch to right and accurate functions. The automatic working nature of the watch is propelled by a self-winding mechanism that is inbuilt in the watch. With this particular instrument, it saves the watch from manual winding to start its functions.
The outside component of the watch is seen in the first in the facial region. Here exposes the official symbol of the Hamilton watch company. This is covered by a well polished glossy glasses made of the sapphire crystal mineral. It also has a principal dial and two dials in addition. This helps to keep the watch in constant accurate time keeping. Again the watch is about 45mm in dimension and proof water up to 100meters.
Finally, they water resistant, robust and is dependable.

Tips for choosing laptop computer  

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Purchasing a laptop is a large investment, and one that can be complicated by all of the options, manufacturers, and technical mumbo-jumbo that needs to be sifted through. Before you spend a lot of money on a laptop, it is important to spend a little time considering some basics that may affect the decision-making process. This Tech Tip will take a look at five of the innumerous things worth considering when buying a laptop computer.
1. Purpose of the laptop - are you going to use it mainly for web browsing and emailing? If so, you don't need to spend money on a fast CPU and a whole lot of RAM
2. Screen Size - the size of the screen is directly related to how portable the laptop is going to be. Typically screen size ranges from 10" to 18"
3. Battery Life - Typically the longer the better, but again it depends on your needs.
4. Hard Drive - If you plan to store a lot of videos or other media files on your laptop, you may want to go for a bigger hard drive.
5. RAM - Go for at least 2GB of RAM, especially if you are going to run Window Vista
You can also choose from many laptop brand in the market like HP, Dell, Toshiba, Apple, etc.

Obama bows to Japan Emperor  

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What do you think when you see this picture and video ?