Let's learn mandarin chinese language  

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Mandarin Chinese is often labelled as difficult to learn for the average speaker of "Western" languages. The usual reasons given are that the writing system is time-consuming to master and radically different from systems based on the Latin alphabet. Another often cited hurdle is that it is tonal. This means that each stressed syllable has its own pitch associated with it. Changing the pitch can change the meaning. In theory, at least, pronouncing "ma" with a high level pitch, or saying it with a falling-rising pitch can mean talking about your mother or a horse. In practice, though, the social and linguistic context give enough clues so that messing up one's tones may not be as serious as usually believed.

That's about the introduction of mandarin chinese language, and I have a dream that I can speak mandarin chinese well (as seen on TV :) ) , that's why I want to share with you and want to study with you - if you want to also :) - mandarin chinese language. I'll share the materials I have about this language (and you can share here also) so that we can study together, I'm still in beginner level, but I do love to speak mandarin chinese language, so Let's start to learn mandarin chinese language, let's study together, yao bu yao ?

Stupid Teacher  

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A substitute teacher was trying to make use of her psychology background. She began her class by saying, "Everyone who thinks you're stupid, please stand up."

Right away, Little Johnny stood up.

The teacher said, "Why do you think you're stupid, Little Johnny?"

"I don’t, ma'am, but I hate to see you standing there all by yourself!"

Warning for china blogger  

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As the country prepares to open the 2008 Summer Olympics in three weeks, Chinese officials have arrested a writer and dissident who was already on probation after being charged a few years ago.

As reported, Du Daobin, 43, who was arrested after published at least 100 articles and essays on several foreign Web sites.

The Chinese government was expected to begin a pre-Olympic campaign against dissent, and Du is the first person to experience the crackdown. Human rights organizations said activists have been detained and arrested to help protect Olympic security, which has caused an uproar among government critics.

Another Internet activist, Huang Qi, was arrested and charged with illegal possession of state secrets after reportedly collecting information regarding children that died in the May 12 earthquake. Huang was reportedly attempting to reveal local government corruption that led to poor engineering of the school.

China has a checkered history of arresting dissidents, journalists and bloggers who speak out against the government and its actions both domestically and internationally. Human rights organizations often butt heads with China over the arrests.

So do you dare to be a blogger in china ? :)

Teresa Teng - Wo Zhi Zai Hu Ni  

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Another Teresa Teng's song, enjoy the weekend :)

Teresa Teng - Wo Zhi Zai Hu Ni

rúguǒ méiyǒu yùjiàn nǐ
If I do not meet you

wǒ jiāng huì shì zài nǎli
where will I be?

rìzi guò de zěnmeyàng
how will I complete my day?

rénshēng shì-fǒu yào zhēnxī
will I treasure life?

yěxǔ rènshi mǒu yī rén
will I know someone?

guò zhe píngfán di rìzi
will my days be ordinary?

bùzhīdào huì bù huì
I do not know if I will,

yěyǒu àiqíng tián rú mì
also have a sweet love like honey.

rèn shíguāng cōngcōng liú qù wǒ zhǐ zàihu nǐ
Let time flies. I only care about you.

xīngānqíngyuàn gǎnrǎn nǐ di qìxī
I'm willingly to be influence by the way you are.

rénshēngjǐhé nénggòu dédào zhījǐ
How many times in our live we can get a close friend?

shīqù shēngmìng di lìliang yě bù kěxī
Loosing life strength is also not a pity.

suǒyǐ wǒ qiú qiú nǐ bié ràng wǒ líkāi nǐ
So I beg you,do not let me leave you.

chúliao nǐ, wǒ bùnéng gǎndào yī sīsī qíngyì
Except you,I do not feel affection for somebody else.


rúguǒ yǒu nàme yī tiān
If there is one day,

nǐ shuō jíjiāng yào líqù
you say you are going to go away immediately.

wǒ huì míshī wǒzìjǐ
I will be lost.

zǒurù wúbiān rénhǎi lǐ
I will walk in the crowd.

bùyào shénme nuòyán
I do not want any promise.

zhǐyào tiāntiān zài yīqǐ
I only want to be together everyday.

wǒ bùnéng zhǐ yīkào
I can not only depend

piànpiàn huíyì huó xiàqù
on pieces of memory to go on.

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